About Bytro Labs

Supremacy 1914Bytro Labs is a company that develops and publishes browser-based and mobile online games. In this process, we understand better than most how to impart great depth to our games in order to guarantee the highest level of long-term entertainment for our players. The most important factor of our success is the expertise and creativity of our excellent team of avid gamers. Their innovative ideas and outstanding know-how are responsible for giving our games their distinctive thematic and conceptual originality.

In July 2011, Bytro Labs moved from the placid Freiburg to Germany’s gaming capital Hamburg, where our new offices are located in the heart of Hamburg’s Old Town.


Bytro Labs was founded in 2009 in Freiburg im Breisgau by Felix Faber, Tobias Kringe, and Christopher Lörken. During their studies of Cognitive Science, they joined forces. Their vision was to create a game that would meet their own high standards. Within a short period of time, the real-time strategy game “Supremacy 1914” became a major success and was named “Browser Game of the Year” in its first year by the enthusiastic community. By now, Supremacy 1914 has more than 2,500,000 registered players and is available worldwide in 15 different languages.
In the summer of 2010 the three founders were named “Founders of the Month” by the Ministry of Economy of the federal state Baden-Württemberg.
In 2010, the business simulation “Industry Tycoon” became the second game in the portfolio and in 2011 Bytro Labs released their first mobile game called “PanzerWars”.
In July 2011, Bytro Labs moved its offices and its complete staff to the gaming capital Hamburg and in November 2012 was awarded the “Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars” award by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology start-ups.
In late 2013 Bytro Labs announced that it will join forces with the Swedish Stillfront Group, which unites multiple development studios spanning multitude platforms anbd genres, to become a key player in the industry. Both businesses remain operating under their own name and in their current headquarters.
Mid 2014 the newest addition to the Bytro Labs portfolio went live: Thirty Kingdoms, a medieval strategy browsergame with fantasy elements.